Training Programme Director for Orthodontics (ST1-3) for the South West Region

Deanery Appointments 1

Applications are invited for a Training Programme Director for Orthodontics (ST1-3) for the South West Region.

A Job description can be found by clicking the above tab. If you would like to discuss this role in more detail please contact Pamela Ellis (Associate Dean for Specialty Training SW).

The post attracts funding in recognition of the time that will be required for the duties of a TPD. This is calculated on a pro rata basis according to the number of training posts.

To apply, please complete this application template and return to Matthew Hill no later than Friday 31st May 2019 at 12 noon.

Interviews will take place on Thursday 27th June 2019 in Bristol.

Job Title: Training Programme Director Orthodontics ST1-3

Tenure: 3 years (renewable for a further three years subject to approval of the Local or Regional Postgraduate Dental Dean)

Accountable to: Postgraduate Dental Dean

Reports to: Associate Postgraduate Dental Dean

Commitment: 0.5PA (This work must be included in the Trust/ Health Board Job Plan, within a total maximum of 12 PAs)

Job Summary

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

1. Coordination of the training programme:

  • Develop a structured training programme and rotations to provide general and sub-specialty training for Specialty Trainees
  • Organise, manage and direct the specialty programme(s) and rotations (if appropriate) within the regional/national boundaries (and when necessary across boundaries), ensuring the programme meets curriculum requirements
  • Advise the Postgraduate Dental Dean (or Associate Dean) of additional placements/slots, and re-allocation and removal of slots, in liaison with the Specialty Training Committee and the specialist advisory committee
  • To inform the Associate Dean of  any new or substantially changed posts
  • To ensure new trainees receive appropriate induction to the programme
  • Monitor the quality of placements and inform the Postgraduate Dental Dean (or Associate Dean) of issues and give guidance to training units when required
  • Participate in any Quality Assurance inspection of specialty training
  • Participate in local/regional and General Dental Council quality assurance processes
  • Allocate and coordinate trainees to appropriate training posts
  • Participate in and support the Annual Review of Competency Progression (ARCP) process in liaison with the local or national team
  • Provide support for trainees who are experiencing competence or performance difficulties and ensure escalation to  the Postgraduate Dental Dean (or Associate Dean)  of potential problems at an early stage
  • Provide advice concerning requests for Specialty Trainees to “Act up” as Consultants
  • Oversee the progress of individual trainees through the curriculum; ensure learning objectives are set, appropriate assessments carried out, and appropriate supervision and support is in place
  • Provide advice concerning request for less than full time and part time working and applications for Period of Grace
  • Provide support for trainees returning from an extended period out of programme (> three months) and signpost them to available local resources
  •  Match training needs of trainees to post-rotations to different LEPs, where appropriate and help the HR and employment processes to facilitate this
  • Liaise with the University Programme Director (where  appropriate)

2. Administration:-

  • Compile job descriptions for posts within the training programme, ensuring that these are updated on a regular basis
  • Participate in the National Recruitment process (or local recruitment for those specialties without a National Recruitment programme)
  • Ensure that up-to-date records of specialty training requirements are maintained (in collaboration with the local team)
  • Produce an annual report 
  • Collate necessary evidence for local quality management of the training programme
  • Support Educational Supervisors in the programme, advising on trainees with difficulties
  • Support and advise Clinical Supervisors

3. Specialty Training Committee (STC):-

  • Attend meetings of the Specialty Training Committee.  In some specialties the TPD may act as Chair of the STC
  • Play a full part in the activities of the relevant STC and share in its responsibilities and duties through liaison with the  chair
  • Input into the organisation and content of faculty educator training

4. Key Liaisons:-

  • Postgraduate Dental Dean, Associate Postgraduate Dean and relevant  local team
  • Specialty Training Committee Chair
  • Educational Supervisors and Clinical Supervisors
  • SAC representatives
  • Directors of Postgraduate Medical Education  (if applicable)


Person Specification






Primary   dental qualification

Appropriate   GDC Specialist List

Educational   qualification such as a postgraduate certificate diploma or Masters in   Medical Education.

Employment/ Special Knowledge/ Experience

Considerable   experience of working with Specialty Trainees

Experience   of clinical and educational leadership and innovation, including managing a   multi-professional team

Equality   and Diversity Training within the last three years

Active   involvement in, and up to date with, appraisal processes.

Attendance   at courses aimed to support educational development (example: educator   courses, Training the Trainer etc.)

Have   undertaken relevant HEE training modules to satisfy the requirements of an   Educational Supervisor 


Previous   Educational Supervisor

Understanding   of   recruitment and selection methods


Skills and abilities

Demonstrable   leadership skills and an ability to influence and motivate others

A   strong sense of vision and ability to innovate

Politically   astute with an ability to sensitively manage complexity and uncertainty

Ability   to problem solve and maintain objectivity

Strong   interpersonal, communication, written and presentation skills

Ability   to quickly establish personal and professional credibility with colleagues   and other key stakeholders

Excellent   organisational and time management skills

Committed   to own personal development and an ability to support others to develop and   progress