Temporary Registration – Postgraduate Dental Education (PGDE) Approval for hospital posts


These notes are written to clarify the current position in respect of PGDE approval of Temporary Registration for Dentists. This guidance relates to Temporary Registration for NHS hospital posts at House Officer (HO) Dental Core Trainee/Senior House Officer (DCT/SHO) and Specialist Registrar (StR) posts including locum posts. The GDC is currently reviewing Temporary Registration and so this guidance applies until further notice. Registration may be for between 84 and 365 days at a time.

See GDC Temporary Registration web pages. This advice relates only to the process in the South West PGDE, other PGDEs/Deaneries may operate Temporary Registration in slightly different ways so you will need to check the requirements of other PGDEs/Deaneries if you are applying for a job in their area.


Temporary registration is offered by the General Dental Council to allow dentists to come to the UK to undertake work or research with the primary aim of increasing their knowledge, skills and qualifications prior to them returning to their home country.


Any non EU dentist can apply to the GDC for Temporary Registration. To work in an NHS funded post the Dental Postgraduate Dean must approve the post for training. The dentist must hold the appropriate Visa from UK Visas and Immigration, normally Tier 2.


Initial application to the GDC (for those not registered). Any dentist wishing to apply to the GDC for a Temporary Registration should ask the PGDE for approval once they have a job offer. Ideally it might be worth agreeing the Personal Development Plan (PDP) when you are offered the post at interview. The information required by the PGDE is given below.

First time applicants for Temporary Registration: For dentists wishing to work in the UK, who require Temporary Registration, normally non EU graduates, you must first apply and be appointed to a training post usually at Senior House Officer level. You must then apply to the General Dental Council for Temporary Registration and to the PGDE for its support. The PGDE will require you to submit a signed PDP and copy of your cv, these can be submitted by email.

Renewal of Temporary Registration

To renew the TR with the GDC the PGDE requires a new PDP and current cv from you , which must be signed by your Educational Supervisor. Ideally these should be submitted to the PGDE 8 weeks prior to the Temporary Registration expiring and include the duration of Temporary Registration being applied for.

Deanery Educational Approval

All trainees in the region must have an educational plan or PDP detailing what they wish to learn during the period of their current training. The PDP for TR dentists should ideally be on the PGDE PDP form, signed by the trainee and their Educational Supervisor (ES) trainer.

Hospital Training

The PGDE approves a number of posts in each hospital it considers can be supported for dentists on Temporary Registration through its Quality Assurance programme.

Approval of Post and PDP

Applications to the PGDE for approval can be submitted in writing or electronically and must contain a signed PDP. The PGDE will then review the plan and if in agreement send a letter of approval to the GDC, copied to the Educational Supervisor and trainee. The PGDE may decline if it is felt that the training unit is unable to deliver the training in the plan or in the timescale specified. The PDP is also an important part of your training when in post and so having it agreed in advance will make life simpler.

Responsibilities of the Education Supervisor (ES)

The ES will be expected to supervise all trainees in a similar way with regular performance appraisal and work based assessments in line with either Foundation or Specialist Training. The trainee is advised to use the appropriate dental portfolio to record activity during the training period. Educational Supervisors can advise on this matter.

Personal Development Plans

The purpose of the plan is to have clear goals for the period covered by the Temporary Registration of the various topics the dentist in training wishes to learn or enhance their skills or experience. It could include College examinations/qualifications and other items to enhance the CV in line with long term career gaols. The PGDE will not approve Temporary Registration applications where the PDP seems to repeat skills or experience gained in earlier PDPs or posts. We look for clear signs of progression.

Personal Development Plan (PDP)

The plan will also help you determine what other courses and training the PGDE has on offer which may be useful to you.

Further information is available under Hospital Training.

Electronic applications should be submitted to Postgraduate Dental Education.