Useful resources 

Three child friendly videos to promote tooth brushing and prevention for children and young people. - Produced by the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry

The videos combine live action with computer animation. These videos are designed to be shared with parents and carers to inspire them to keep children’s teeth healthy. 

The videos include Dr Ranj an NHS doctor, TV presenter and author with his sidekick Supertooth voice by Emmerdale star Gemma Oaten. The three video's cover different age ranges and how they should brush there teeth. 

0-3 Years 

3-6 Years 

7+ Years 


Please see the link to at the letter and document " A Prompt to Prepare" sent on behalf of SARA HURLEY, CHIEF DENTAL OFFICER ENGLAND

These documents and the latest Covid-19 guidance for England are available on the GDC website at:

Urgent Dental Care Practice Setup Example

Health Education England, Yorkshire and Humber have created an informative and practical video which describes and example of the patient flow and practice set up that could be used to support practices design their patient flow during COVID 19. It shares examples of good practice following current guidance and may be of use for those in UDCs elsewhere in England.

Available at:

Returning to Practice – Specific Guidelines in the South West

On 1st June the South West held a webinar on Returning to Practice – Specific Guidelines in the South West. Please see link below:

A follow up session to this first webinar was held on the 9th June, link to the recording below:

17th June - Returning to Practice Webinar for Dental Care Professionals

British Society of Paediatric Dentistry – guidance on permanent dentition trauma and primary dentition trauma 

Please use the link below to review the current guidance:

Fit Testing Guidance 

If you are trying to organise fit testing for your dental team, please read:

Finding a fit tester or sourcing training to become one

If you plan to deliver fit testing sessions (after the appropriate training), please read:

Information for trained fit testers on organising qualitative fit testing sessions for respirators

If you are delivering/attending a fit testing session, or would like to find out more about respirators (including new information on valved/unvalved respirators, and choosing a respirator), please read:

Important information for participants attending qualitative fit testing sessions