360 Degree Appraisal

October 2014

360 degree appraisal is a simple, quick and effective technique for gaining feedback on your performance in your workplace. It is called 360 degree because it looks at the opinions of everyone with whom you come into contact at work, not just a single 'line manager' or colleague. It is similar to a patient assessment questionnaire and most usually takes the form of a series of questions or statements that the respondent ticks responses to. They would then add comments in a section provided at the end. As with a patient questionnaire, you can ask about areas of your work that you specifically wish to gain feedback on. Normally the questions or statements would appear alongside a 4 point scale with the respondent being prompted to 'strongly agree, agree, disagree or strongly disagree' as appropriate. The appraisal would normally be anonymous.

The form will have an opening statement eg:

The purpose of this appraisal is to give feedback on how you think I manage the items listed below This will allow me the opportunity to review what I do and see what modifications can be made to help me be a more effective colleague.

Please would you be so kind as to respond by putting an 'x' in the square that represents your assessment of each area of work.

Some questions may not be relevant to you so please feel free to not rate them.

Suggested questions/statements for a trainer/practice owner may include:
This person:

  • Cares about my development
  • Builds my confidence
  • supports me when I find work challenging
  • can be trusted
  • is a role model I admire
  • listens to me
  • gets my view before putting theirs
  • encourages me
  • recognises my achievements
  • makes work fun
  • conducts valuable tutorials
  • responds in a timely manner to requests for help
  • has an effective open door policy
  • communicates effectively
  • follows up on agreements
  • is approachable

What would you like this person to do more of?.............................

What would you like this person to do differently?..........................

Any additional comments?........................................

The questions may vary slightly if a associate who was a trainer wanted to conduct the appraisal, and you will want to insert your own, but hopefully this will give you a starting point from which you can develop your own 360 form.

Maximum points will be awarded in this section of the application to applicants who have a comprehensive Professional Development Plan which has been drawn up in collaboration with a colleague in an appraisal process, and based on regular reflective writing which has informed the learning objectives or targets in the plan. An extra point will be awarded if, in addition to the above, a 360 degree appraisal has also been carried out.