In order to practice in the UK, newly qualified dentists are required to complete a year of Dental Foundation training. During this year Dental Foundation trainees are permitted to practice on NHS patients at an approved dental practice. Trainees are also required to attend a specified number of study days over the 12 months to further expand their knowledge and experience. Trainees are mentored by their Educational Supervisor, who is based at the practice and who has been specially selected by the regional Department of Postgraduate Dental Education as an experienced practitioner.

Each approved dental practice falls into one of a number of regional schemes which is overseen by an Associate Dean for Foundation Training. Training Programme Directors are responsible for arranging the programme of study days and providing advice to both their trainers and trainees. More information on the schemes available in the South West can be found here.

For more information on the Dental Foundation Training Curriculum please see the Blue Guide.

For information for Educational Supervisors on under performing FDs please see the Managing Performance Concerns document

The DFT year starts in September. Prospective trainees apply during their final year of undergraduate study. Recruitment takes place nationally for DFT places and details of the process can be found here: National Recruitment to DFT.

If you have any queries on the national recruitment process please email via: London Deanery .

If you have any queries on Dental Foundation training please contact:

Katy Williams, Dental Foundation Training Secretary, SW Dental Postgraduate Deanery - Monday to Wednesday
Tel: 01454 252693, Email: