Registered with the GDC, has current professional indemnity and is an NHS performer  Has dental committee experience. Practice visit, application form.  

Minimum personal NHS commitment of 1000 UDAs

Larger NHS commitment, but not so large to detract from the time able to be spent supporting an FD

Practice visit, BSA report

Stable relationship in practice

Involvement in management of practice. Practice owner

Practice visit

Present in practice with FD for minimum 3 days a week

Present in practice with FD each day they are present in the practice

application form

Willing to accept FD in practice on terms of FT scheme

Postgraduate qualifications, particularly credits toward PGCE

Practice visit, application form

Knowledge and Experience



Minimum 4 years experience in GDS or salaried service, including own FT year, at time of FD starting in practice          Over 4 years experience in GDS or salaried service          Application form      

Minimum 15 hours verifiable CPD in year of application

More than 15 hours CPD on postgraduate courses


High clinical and ethical standards

Previous experience as a dental clinical educator.  Education qualification.  Reflective practitioner.

Practice visit, application form certificates, reflections, interview


Ability and desire to be an educator.  Motivated to do FT for the interests of the FD.



Teaching experience


Can produce a personal or professional development plan

Knowledge of VT curriculum



Can produce evidence of reflective writing and practice

Evidence with application form


Can produce evidence of involvement in appraisal

Evidence with application form

Skills, abilities and values



Is able to integrate well  and is valued by the members of the team .       A dentist who works as part of a team in a well run practice          Interview and practice visit

High clinical and ethical standards

Able and willing to  adapt and change with the times as legislative requirements, technologies, materials and methods change.


Provides a full range of NHS treatment

A dentist who is able to communicate effectively with patients and  team members


Good communication skills.

A dentist who is available and accessible to patients and staff


Has skills required to support colleagues.

A dentist willing to re-organise their daily routine and that of the practice to take account of the presence of a Foundation Dentist


A dentist able to cope with change, who is flexible and can handle uncertainty

A dentist who can demonstrate a critical faculty for self assessment


A dentist who can demonstrate involvement in staff training and development


A dentist who can demonstrate the ability to give and receive feedback


A dentist who can demonstrate enthusiasm and commitment to teaching and learning