Dental Core Training

Associate Dental Dean for Dental Core Training: Caroline Harvey

Dental Core Training Administrator: Ben Hewett



Recruitment to Dental Core Training (DCT) posts in 2024 will be through a national selection process led by NHS England working across the South West Region.
Applicants can apply to one of three DCT levels: DCT1, DCT2 or DCT3. Each level has its own Person Specification.

2 Year DCT posts:
NHS South West has developed some new DCT posts combining DCT1 and DCT2 into a 2 year programme..
This is in response to feedback from our trainees who said they would like more stability and certainty around where they will be for longer than 12 months at a time. Thisw ill also reduce the administrative burden of applying each year for their next post, thus being able to focus on training and career progression.
We have 4 posts starting at DCT1 in September 2024 for 24 months that run through into the linked DCT2 posts in 2025. These posts are based in Truro, Torbay and Bristol.

We have been mindful to maintain a mix of posts to allow for those who only want 12 months in DCT or who change their mind on wishing to continue into DCT2 after completing a single year at DCT1.
This flexibility of posts and mixture of specialties involved we think will be an attractive choice when it comes to preferencing NHS South West DCT posts through National Recruitment.

Commitment to 2 years
We ask that if you preference a 2 year post that you are doing so in the knowledge that you are committing to this post for 2 years.
Dropping out of a 2 year post has implications for many others in not being able to have the opportunity of a training place and also for the host trust being left with a gap to be filled. Please take this into account when you make this choice. We do understand that circumstance change. If your circumstances do change, we would ask that you inform us as soon as possible if you do not wish to continue in the post for the second year of training. In this way, the unfilled post can be entered into National Recruitment.

Applications and offers will be made through Oriel, the national recruitment system. This system enables the national coordination of the application and offer processes and will allow applicants to accept only one post across the UK. The application window can be seen on the national recruitment timeline below. Applications must apply via Oriel (



 NHS England South West DCT Post Descriptors 2024


 The Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust

 Bath Job Description DCT1

 Bath Job Description DCT2 


Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Exeter DCT Job Description 


 Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

 Gloucester Job Description DCT1  

 Gloucester Job Description DCT2


 Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

 Salisbury Job Description DCT1

 Salisbury Job Description DCT2


 Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

 Swindon DCT Job Description 


Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

DCT24 Month Torbay Description 

DCT2 Torbay Description

DCT3 Torbay Description


Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

Taunton DCT Job Description 


Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

 Truro DCT1 Description 

 Truro DCT2 Description  

 Truro Run Through Description 


University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

Plymouth DCT description 


University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust



DCT2 Paeds inc Restorative 

DCT2 Restorative

DCT2 2 Year post- OMFS & Restorative

DCT1 Paeds inc restorative

DCT1 Restorative incl paeds   





Applications must be made via the national recruitment portal 

Further information will be contained in the applicant guide and persons specifications for each vacancy. This information will be available when the posts are advertised on the COPDEND website