South West Deanery Foundation Training Course for Dental Therapists 

The Southwest Deanery will be running a Dental Foundation Therapist Scheme from September 2022. The scheme will run until 31st August 2023 and is open to newly qualified DTH.

The Foundation Therapy programme is for 3 days a week and is salaried position.
The aim of the programme is for newly qualified Therapists to consolidate the skills learnt at Dental school. Participants will be expected to utilise their full scope of practice and build on the skills learnt at Dental School.
Therapist will be allowed to undertake paid employment on the other two days a week either at the same practice or another practice as appropriate.

During the Therapy programme applicants will be required to complete the following to satisfactory complete the programme:
• Evidence of paediatric extractions
• Evidence of completing a pulpotomy.
• Placement of Hall crowns
• 22 Tutorials approximately, one every 2 weeks.
• 2 DOPS that form part of the Early-Stage Review
• 12 ADEPTS including 1 TPD Buddy ADEPT
• 6 Case Based Discussions
• 12 Reflective logs
• Case presentation
• Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire x1
• Multisource Feedback x1
• 2 Cycle Clinical Audit x1
• Participation in at least 12 study days [ This will be a working day]
• Participation in the Community Engagement Projects
• Timely completion of tasks in the e portfolio.
The current payments for involvement in the scheme are:
Foundation Therapists’ salary paid at £16449.80 for the three days

Travel and subsistence for attending study days, up to £600, can be claimed