What Specific Support is Available For You?


Parental and adoption leave

Sickness leave

Compassionate/bereavement leave

Working abroad


Unplanned leave

Resilience and wellbeing


The UHBristol project website called My SuppoRTT contains a wealth of specially tailored information including videos of trainees’ experiences and the different obstacles that they can face.


KIT, SPLiT or RTTA days

 reasons for absence flow chart


Further detailed information about KiT / SPLiT / RTTA days


Parental and adoption leave

For a few perspectives about returning to work after parental leave, this video focuses on three parents adjusting to life as a parent and doctor: Double Shift: Life as A Parent and Doctor

Information from the BMA about maternity, paternity and adoption leave, including: your rights, leave, finance and returning to work

Information about returning to work after parental leave

Leaflet about physical and shift work while pregnant

Government information on parental leave

Pregnant workers and new mothers: your health and safety

Legal rights when breastfeeding

BMJ article on shared parental leave

BMJ article on how to safely return to work after maternity leave

BMJ article on returning to clinical training after maternity leave

Government information about options for childcare

Government information about childcare and parenting


Sickness leave

Some people might like to hear about how others in similar situations have fared, and so these videos feature trainees who have returned to work following sickness or burnout:

Life, Death and Doing it All Again Tomorrow: A Story of Burnout

The Run: A Story of Resilience - an orthopaedic trainees discusses her return to work after maternity leave and cancer treatment

Returning to training after taking time off due to stress

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy; If you believe more regular, face-to-face support might be best for you, this site is best able to signpost you to counselling and psychotherapy professionals within your area. 

DocHealth; This service offers face-to-face support from senior clinicians for those within the London area or Skype consultations for those further afield. This service is exclusively by self-referral and, as such, shares no information with your employer. Fees are salary-linked and it is supported by the RMBF and the BMA.

The Doctors’ Support Network; This site gives you access to a confidential peer support network for both doctors and medical students alike with concerns regarding their mental wellbeing.

NHS Practitioner Health Programme: Occupational Mental Health Services; This is an NHS service specifically for doctors (training and practicing) and dentists with both physical or mental health concerns that could affect their work. 


Compassionate leave / bereavement leave

Support around Death; Though specific to those training within Scotland, this site aims to support all healthcare staff facing the death of a loved one. It offers information on the legislative, clinical and practical issues involved when balancing grief with training. 

Information about returning to work after a bereavement

Cruse Bereavement care offer support, advice and guidance when someone dies


Working abroad

Information from BMA on working abroad as a doctor

BMJ article on why doctors need to prepare for their return before going to work abroad



Information about returning to training following an OOPE

The General Medical Council’s Guide to OOP for Doctors in Training

BMJ – Guide to Taking Time Out

BMJ – Research Options for Doctors in Training


Returning from unplanned leave

Some doctors may find that they need to take unplanned leave at very short notice. If this is the case, please contact your educational supervisor or SuppoRTT Champion as soon as you are able, in order to access support.


Resilience and wellbeing

Resilience is considered to be the ability to thrive in the presence of challenges. Along with practical support, we aim to help you develop survival skills and coping mechanisms, in order that you are able to thrive when back in the workplace.

There is a wealth of support available to those who want or need it.  Most of it can be accessed on the Professional Support & Wellbeing (PSW) pages on the Peninsula and Severn websites. 


Please also take a look at our comprehensive, alphabetised list of external support services and training modules, including speciality specific support.  This includes a link to the BMA counselling and peer support service, which is available to all doctors and medical students (non-BMA members included) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The service can be accessed by calling 0330 123 1245.


These services are totally separate from your training programme - no information will be shared with your specialty school and making use of these services won't affect your ARCP.