What evidence do we wish to see in the portfolio?

All evidence in the portfolio must be specific to the applicant. It is not necessary to include reams of practice documentation on practice procedures or GDC publications.

The types of evidence which are deemed as valid are:

  • Certificates relating to verifiable CPD courses in the UK, especially those run by Health Education England that meet competencies e.g. Ionising Radiation courses, child protection courses
  • Audits undertaken ~ copies of the audit, e.g. audits in NHS hospitals. Audits can be undertaken during the PLVE period in practice and with the mentor.
  • Reflective writing of the applicant on topics from the PLVE Framework e.g. Prescribing protocol for antibiotics.

Past experience

A cv is a useful piece of evidence to include. Please highlight any time recently spent in an NHS training post, e.g. DCT posts, as certain aspects of these posts will be deemed as having trained to an equivalent level. Any post which involved looking after NHS patients’ dental needs may allow assessment of comparable experience.

What should your PDP contain?

  • The domain area you wish to show equivalence to – how you will do it, and by when.
  • Record keeping
  • Audit & Peer review

Methods of updating may be:

  • Personal tutorials
  • Structured practice meetings and peer review meetings (notes of these will be regarded as evidence)
  • Attendance on courses approved for verifiable CPD.
  • Audits approved by the NHS Local Approval Panel for audit and peer review

What your success criteria will be?

E.g. What evidence you can product to show that you have satisfactorily completed the item


A date by which you expect to have completed the task