Performers List Validation by Experience

(Previously Foundation Training by Equivalence)

PLVE applications are now open in the South West.

Please come and join us in the region with the longest coastline and more hours of sunshine than any other in the UK. We have a network of supportive colleagues to welcome you, fantastic links with the Universities in Bristol and Plymouth and opportunities for hands on learning across our region.

Currently we will only be able to accept applications from candidates who have three or more months experience working as a primary care dentist within the last two years either in the UK or abroad. 

For more information on the full scope of practice of a dentist please see the GDC website

When the Department of Health for England introduced the new dental contract in 2006 they made changes to how people could enter the Dental Performers List for England and Wales. All dentists wishing to join the Performers List in England and Wales must show they either have

  • A Foundation Training number and Certificate (post 1993)
  • Are exempt from the regulations because of having practised in a European Union country and were registered there
  • or have to demonstrate equivalence to foundation training via the competence assessment route. 

Who has to demonstrate equivalence?

UK graduate pre- 1993 and wish to move from one Area Team Performers list to another in England or Wales or enter the list of a Area Team for the first time
A non EU graduate, eg who has gained Registration with the GDC by passing the Overseas Registration Examination (ORE) or IQE.

You will have to demonstrate Foundation training by equivalence. The reason for having to do this is to demonstrate that you are a safe and competent practitioner when viewed against current standards.

What do I have to do to gain a Certificate and a Performer number?

There are six stages:

  1. Find a practice willing to employ you, that is approved by the NHS Area Team to undertake Performers List Validation by Experience and that can provide sufficient NHS patients. The practice will have to agree that one of the dentists will act as your mentor during the period you gather evidence to meet the requirements.
  2. Visit the NPL1 National Performer List website and complete the online application. 
  3. Please note that the NPL1 form is managed by NHS England not Health Education England so please contact the PCSE directly with queries about this form. Please complete the NPL1 application and the PLVE application at the same time delaying either may delay your start date at the practice.
  4. Please email Benjamin Hewett who will send you a contact details form to fill in and return.
  5. Complete a PLVE application  form and submit it to Benjamin Hewett (the application form will be sent to you upon receipt of your contact details form). Once your application has been assessed, if deemed suitable, a letter of recommendation will be sent to your Area Team. In conjunction with this, complete the PLVE Fees form and return to Anastasia alongside your application form. 
  6. PGDE will visit the practice, check it is suitable, train the mentor as necessary. Please note there is a charge to the practice for this item and follow up monitoring of progress. 

Please note that it is your responsibility to find your own work position, the Postgraduate Dental Education is unable to assist with this.

We are unable to accept responsibility when returning portfolios if any get lost in the post.


If you have any queries on Performers List Validation by Experience please contact:

Benjamin Hewett, Dental Education Programme Officer

Tel: 01454 252669