Performers List Validation by Experience (PLVE), in the South West

PLVE is for dentists who want to obtain an NHS performer number and who have not obtained one through Foundation Training and come from outside the European Union. UK graduates who did not undertake Foundation Training when they completed their Dental degree are also required to complete it, to obtain a performer number.

To satisfactorily complete Foundation Training you are first required to locate an educational supervisor at a practice that is prepared to help you complete PLVE. Health Education England South West (HEE SW) is not able to help you with this.

Your practice will need to be approved by the HEE SW. This will require a visit to ascertain it is suitable unless it has been visited recently.

At the same time as contacting the HEE SW you have to apply to your local area team to obtain an interim performer number. Please complete the two processes at the same time to ensure that they is no delay to your start date.

Your mentor also has to be approved by HEE SW and the area team. They need to have worked in the NHS for a minimum of four years and to have been at the practice for 2 years. They need to be able to demonstrate an appropriate standard of dental care and be of good standing in the profession. They are required to be in the practice for a minimum of three days a week. Please be aware the your mentor will need to undertake a HEE supervisor course. There are a limited number of these courses so please ensure your mentor books this training asap.

To complete PLVE you will be required to work in the practice full time for a period of 12 months. This means:

  • Working 35 – 37.5 hours per week at times specified by the practice; contract must stipulate days and hours of work
  • Take no more than 20 working days holiday in addition to Bank Holidays
  • Work for no more than 8 hours in one day and a maximum of 5 days in any week Work for no more than 4 hours without a break

During this time you will be required to submit a portfolio of evidence to show you understand how the NHS works and you are able to work satisfactorily in an NHS practice. The portfolio is set nationally by COPDEND; HEE SW has a guide to help you complete it. 

Part of the portfolio is showing you have carried out an appropriate range and scope of NHS treatment during the year. You will be expected to carry out a minimum of 1800 UDAs and have a contract of no more than 5000 UDAs for the year.

During the year you will be required to attend a study day programme arranged by HEE SW covering key topics relevant to NHS Dental Practice.

Your Mentor is required to undertake a weekly tutorial, this is to support you with any issues you have. The log of this will form part of your portfolio.

During the year your mentor will be required to undertake direct observation of you undertaking treatment on patients along with case based discussions of proposed treatment. Currently this would be ten of each during the year and again this should form part of your portfolio.

Once you have developed your portfolio this is submitted to HEE SW and this is accessed to ensure you have met all the standards of PLVE. A certificate of satisfactory completion is obtained and this then allows a full performer number to be issued by the area team.


PLVE has to be self-funded by the applicant.

Please note there is often a need to recompense your Mentor for the time they spend assisting you in the process. This has to be agreed by both parties.

There is a charge of £650 by HEE SW for the practice inspection and this is payable even if the practice is not considered suitable. Applicants will need to agree with the practice they are undertaking the PLVE with who will pay this charge.

HEE SW makes a charge of £400 to assess the PLVE application form and issue the letter of recommendation for training. This is payable up front.

The Deanery charges up to £800 for assessment of the final portfolio and issuing of completion certificate. Further charges could be incurred if a poor portfolio is submitted and it has to be reassessed.

Due to the way our finance system works we cannot raise an invoice without signed proof that the person named on the invoice has agreed to pay it. Therefore, we cannot proceed with your PLVE application until you have confirmed you are willing to pay the associated charges. 

In order to do this, please complete the PLVE Fees form and return to Benjamin Hewett when submitting your PLVE application form. 

If the address to send the invoice is different to the original address provided on your contact details form please let Benjamin know.