Area Team Performers List

Check list of key items for non FT certificate holder or Performer List Validation by Experience applicants.


1 Understanding of GDC Standards Guidance CPD course or tutorial
2 Understand the NHS complaints procedure CPD course or tutorial
3 Working with colleagues – showing integrity & respect References – 360o feedback
4 Understand peer review and audit Completed audit & practice meetings
5 Commitment to Life Long learning CPD records
6 Demonstrate good record keeping. Knowledge of UK consent principles CPD course and Audit with 3rd party review
7 Able to refer patients appropriately Log of referrals and copies of letters
8 Able to prescribe appropriately Log of prescriptions reviewed by 3rd party
9 Dental Radiography IR(ME)R – including appropriate prescribing and record keeping Record of attendance on CPD course. Audit
10 Knowledge of current disinfection & cross infection control Knowledge of H&S issues including COSHH Record of in practice induction in subjects and/or attendance on CPD courses
11 Awareness of regulations for the provision of primary dental services  Record of in-practice induction or attendance on an appropriate CPD course.
12 Understanding of UK employment and contract law CPD course or in-house induction
13 Management of medical emergencies Recent CPD course attendance
14 Child Protection and Vulnerable Adult Protection – National and local arrangements.  Recent CPD course attendance

In addition to these items - demonstrate appropriate comprehension of spoken clinical English from a patients perspective. Able to obtain patient consent appropriately.

If a dentist can’t show evidence of these items they could be built into a PDP which they then have to have reviewed within 6 months of starting in practice. HESW PGDE runs courses every 4 months that cover many of these topics.