Training Programme Director: Phil Loughnane

Foundation Training Handbook

About the Bristol and South Cotswold Scheme

Bristol is an exciting city with a vibrant culture and nightlife. Bristol boasts over 450 parks and green spaces, proportionately more than any other UK city. Bristol has a wonderful variety of shopping opportunities, theatres and live venues.

The scheme's strength is its dedicated group of trainers who work hard to bridge the gap between Dental School and life in practice by providing the particular level of support you need. Working in these high quality, carefully selected practices with experienced support will soon have you producing your best work which is "shipshape and Bristol fashion". Additionally, the trainers are a sociable bunch who often produce their best advice with a glass in their hand!

The study days are held mainly at the HEE Offices in Bristol which are in Park House, Newbrick Road, Hambrook, Bristol but some are at other venues within Bristol. Enthusiastic participation in this relaxed environment with a dozen colleagues and our chosen speaker can lead to surprisingly effective learning. The course covers a wide variety of areas to develop your clinical competencies relevant to practice with some content geared to those using the year to prepare for MJDF.

The course starts with a two day induction aimed at team building and demystifying NHS regulations. Popular hand-on course days cover endodontics, oral surgery, crown preps, working with your nurse and implants. Speakers will assume full undergraduate curriculum knowledge rather than try to re-hash it and will sometimes challenge your accepted practices or beliefs.

Bristol Study Day Programme September - December 2021

Bristol Programme January - July 2022

Main Study Day Venue

Park House
Bristol Parkway North
New Brick Road
Bristol  BS34 8YU

Please note that study days will sometimes take place at other venues. Please always check the programme to ensure you go to the correct place!


Bristol and South Cotswold Training Practices September 2022 - August 2023

Fredrick Tomas

Suganthy Suthagar

Stephen Clarke and Kate Aitchison

Eric Ahaley

Andrew House

Tom Westcott

Aidan Moran

Adam Wilson

Matthew Thomas

Deepa Venumuddala and Emma Thomas

Leo O'Hara and Alex Poore

Claudia Carvalho