Training Programme Director: Paul Woodhouse

Foundation Training Handbook

About the Dorset and Wiltshire Scheme

The Dorset and Wiltshire FD Scheme aims to achieve a varied programme of course days by ensuring the first term is spent cementing FDs knowledge already gained and providing a sound introduction to General Practice.

The second part of the year is spent extending boundaries to demonstrate the opportunities available to the new graduate and promoting the importance of continuing postgraduate education.

The Postgraduate Centre at the hospital where course days are held maintains a friendly atmosphere with helpful staff and Salisbury Hospital is fortunate to have its own Phantom Head Room where a number of hands-on course days are held through the year. The Oral Surgery and Maxillo-facial Department at the Hospital is keen to get involved in Dental Foundation Training with a result that FDs have the opportunity to spend time in the department if they wish.

Although the scheme may be considered rural in nature, FDs always manage to arrange a very effective social side to the year and good teamwork and support has always been promoted within the group establishing an enjoyable as well as effective year by way of introduction to postgraduate and general practice training.

Educational Supervisors within the scheme are always positive and encouraging, taking part in course days at Salisbury and FDs will get the opportunity to visit other practices besides their own to appreciate that practices run very differently. Course content and structure of the year provides an excellent start along the career pathway whether FDs intend spending their time in primary or secondary care.

Dorset Study Day Programme September - December 2021

Dorset Study Day Programme January - July 2022


Main Study Day Venue

Postgraduate Medical Education Centre
Salisbury District Hospital

Map & Directions

Please note that study days will sometimes take place at other venues. Please always check the programme to ensure you go to the correct place!


Dorset and Wiltshire Training Practices September 2022 - August 2022

Jason Wong

Jessica Scott

Katie Perkins and Andrew Morgan

Rajan Mehta and Neal Mehta

Alastair Hetherington

Karan Ghataaura

Swapnil Shinde

Nigel Jones and Kelly Vickery

William Breen

Saranya Sathyamurthy