Training Programme Director: Lucy Whitby

Foundation Training Handbook

About the  West Devon and Cornwall Scheme

Cornwall is a beautiful county with fantastic opportunities for all kinds of outdoor activities, especially water sports. If you are applying to do your Dental Foundation Training year in Cornwall you can be sure of a warm welcome and a great social life in a scheme which starts in early September to get everyone together at the first opportunity. We have an enthusiastic and dedicated group of trainers in friendly and supportive training practices that will make you feel welcome.

In its first stage the day release course aims to develop and consolidate the skills you have learned in dental school. As the first term progresses we will start to look at areas outside your previous experience. We have a wealth of good speakers from all areas of the profession who run the study day sessions as informal discussions so that we can focus on your needs, questions and ideas. We like to vary the course as much as we can and involve our trainers as well as the other South West schemes in our study days too.

Many of our sessions are hands on and practical, others are discussions of cases we or our educational supervisors are treating. We get to visit each other’s practices during the course of the year to see how the others do it, as well as other practices in Cornwall that have something different to offer us. We will also try and get out to enjoy some of Cornwall’s scenic highlights.

Main Study Day Venue

Study days will be held at various venues. FDs are advised to check their scheme timetable.  

West Devon and Cornwall Training Practices September 2024 - August 2025


Mr Adam Blake and Mr Fergus Gill

Ms Rebecca Hammond & Ms Chrissie Bethge - Academic DFT Post

Mr Isaac Hewett

Dr Susan Lewis & Dr Anna Taylor

Mr Ross MacRae

Mr Adam Randall

Mr Paul Roberts

Mr Thomas Wagg

Dr Holly Whitehouse

Dr Elizabeth Winfield - SW Cornwall 2 year Joint Dental Foundation Core Training Post

Dr Sacha Young - SW Plymouth 2 year Joint Dental Foundation Core Training Post