Exeter Dental Foundation Training Scheme

Study Day Programme

September- December 2017




Morning Topic

Afternoon Topic

Friday 1st September

Jurys Inn, Exeter

Introduction Day


Wednesday 6th September

SDLE, Plymouth

Introduction and Restorations Revisited


Thursday 21st September

Jury’s Inn Exeter

Joint with Plymouth Scheme


NHS Rules and Regulations


Thursday 12th October

Musgrove Park Academy, Taunton

Joint with Taunton Scheme

DDU Day, Medical Legal Issues


Wednesday 1st November

SDLE, Plymouth

Oral Surgery Hands On


Wednesday 8th November

TBC - Exeter


Pain Management and Rubber Dam

Thursday 9th November

Kenniford Farm, Exeter


Photography/Case Presentations


Thursday 16th November

Kenniford Farm, Exeter

Communications Day

Cascade Theatre Company

Thursday 30th November


Pride Unit, Plymouth


Friday 8th December

Jury’s Inn, Exeter

Joint with Plymouth Scheme

Treatment Planning Day

Wednesday 13th December

Peninsular Facility, Exeter

Four Handed Dentistry




















Friday 1st September  - 9.30 am. 

Jurys Inn Exeter

Morning session: An Introduction to Foundation Training

David Lee, Program Director


To consider Foundation Training and what it means to you


  1. To understand the aims of Foundation Training.
  2. To discuss your expectations for the year and answer any questions you might have.
  3. To introduce the Professional Development Portfolio and explain how it can be used effectively for reflective learning.
  4. To consider what you can expect from your practice.
  5. To negotiate group ground rules.
  6. To become familiar with the study day programme.
  7. To recognise one’s own learning style.
  8. To have an understanding of reflective learning.
  9. What is satisfactory completion.

Afternoon session: Attitude adjustment session with the trainers


To enable FDs to establish a network of contacts with both trainer and VDP


Learning outcomes:

FDs will have had the opportunity to ask questions to solve initial problems and reduce initial anxieties which inevitably arise in the first few weeks in practice.

This will involve an expedition. 


Wednesday 6th September - 9.30am 

SDLE  Plymouth

Restorations revisited

Paul Bennett and David Lee.

Paul Is a Clinical teacher and Supervisor at the Peninsular dental school.

The aim for the day is to revisit the restoration of teeth. This will be a hands practical day covering all aspects of direct restorations. FDs will be able to consider the teaching of their dental school and how it relates to the other FDs on the scheme. There will also be a look at indirect restorations

The learning Outcomes:

FDs will cover - 


  • Filling materials, there use and abuse.
  • Consider cavity design for Amalgam and composite
  • Caries removal
  • Access cavities to pulp chambers, on extracted teeth.
  • Cavity preparations for various filling materials
  • Finishing of restorative materials
  • Design of indirect restorations


Thursday 21st September  -9.30am

Jurys Inn Exeter joint with Plymouth

Morning session- Finance for dentists

Greg Penfold.

Greg is a chartered accountant and partner with Humphrey & Co. , a firm of accountants and financial advisers who are members of the National Association of Specialist Dental Accountants. He has, therefore, a wide knowledge of the special financial needs of dentists.

Aim: To improve knowledge and awareness of personal and financial matters.

Learning Outcomes: FDs will be able to - 

Prioritise financial decisions- those that need to be made now and those that can be deferred.

Know how to plan for the future.

Please bring your latest payslip to this session


Afternoon Session - NHS rules and regulations

Nathan Brown

Nathan Brown is a Clinical Policy Adviser (CPA) with the Dental Division of the Business

Services Authority.

The Objectives for the session are to give an understanding of:


  • nGDS / nPDS Regulations: interpretation of the regulations / treatment claims - the basics
  • Overview of NHS Dental Services activities, with particular reference to the Dental Reference Service (DRS)
  • To explain how and why we monitor dental contracts
  • To make dental practitioners aware of our services


Thursday 12th October, 9.30am

Post graduate department Musgrove Park hospital Taunton

Record Keeping, Consent, Confidentiality and the DDU.

Leo Briggs, DDU

Leo Briggs is a dento-legal adviser for the DDU and is available to help with dento-legal or ethical issues. He has worked extensively in the Community Dental Service and has also worked in general dental practice. Leo gained a masters degree in Periodontology from the Eastman Dental Institute, London. Since 1995 he has provided specialist periodontal treatment in both the salaried dental service and private practice. Leo has been in dental practice and understands the realities of clinical practice and the importance of your reputation

Aims: To discuss what makes good dental records and reinforce the importance of confidentiality and consent in practice. To develop ways in practice to try to ensure problems that other practitioners have encountered are avoided.

Objectives: FDs will be able to list the steps involved with managing a letter of complaint, and list the possible outcomes of a complaint reaching the GDC.

Curriculum areas:

Communication domain: Communication with the patient and family, the clinical team and peers, and other professionals.

Professionalism domain: Ethics. Professionalism with regard to self, the clinical team and peers, and other professionals.


Wednesday 1st November Oral Surgery

SDLE Plymouth

Oral Surgery Part I Pippa Blacklock & Simon Heywood

We will be looking at the areas of:

Patient Selection

Exodontia – correct technique

Local anaesthetic techniques

Correct use of forceps and elevators.

Our two speakers both have a vast amount of experience in Oral Surgery, both in hospital and community settings, as well as in areas overseas.

By the end of the session you will:

Be able to thoroughly assess a patient prior to exodontia

Know how to use common elevator and forceps patterns correctly

Be able to list relevant complications associated with some commonly prescribed drugs


Wednesday 8th November - 9.30am

Venue TBC

Endodontic therapy Part 1 Pain and Rubber Dam

Gillian Boswell

Gillian Boswell is a specialist endodontic practitioner. She works in general practice and in addition lectures at Bristol Dental Hospital. We will meet Gillian again later in the term when she will be leading a day on endodontic techniques, today’s topics will lead nicely into this. Today we will be looking at how best to treat pain, both acute and chronic and in addition practicing some advanced techniques around the use of rubber dam.

Aim: To revisit the aetiology and treatment of pain and to investigate and practice advanced techniques in the use of rubber dam.

Objectives: FDs will be able to better understand


  • Pain mechanisms
  • The diagnosis of acute pain and provide definitive treatment.
  • Local anaesthesia and therapeutics.
  • The team approach to rubber dam usage and its applications.
  • The mechanism of application of rubber dam.
  • Diagnosis and treatment strategy. 

Thursday 9th November -9.30am

Jurys Inn Exeter

Morning session –  Audit

Malcolm Prideaux.

Malcolm is an experienced FD trainer and Truro TPD, audit facilitator and is active dento-politically within the BDA and Devon Local Dental Committee.

Aim: To introduce the concept of audit and dento-political issues affecting general dental


Learning Outcomes:

FDs will be able to; Select an area of practice to audit. Know the stages involved in an audit.

Know how to present an audit to the required standard. Know the rationale for audit.


Afternoon Session – Dental Photography

Ross MacRae 

Ross MacRae is a trainer and runs a general practice in Padstow, almost next door to Rick Stein‟s famous fish restaurant and with views over the estuary to Rock. He lives in such a beautiful place that it comes as no surprise to learn that he has an interest in photography.


To show the use of dental photography for the development of educational exchange with 

patients, colleagues and associates. To improve communication skills


By the end of the session you should:

Be able to describe the advantages & disadvantages of using dental photography

Have operated different types of intra & extra-oral cameras

Have an improved understanding of how to achieve good results with photography


Thursday 16th November - 9.30am

Jurys Inn- Exeter

Team Building and communication day


Cascade has been running workshops for communication skills, teambuilding and conflict resolution for over 10 years. Our innovative style enables us to make the training session interactive without having to resort to role play or any other embarrassing activities. We focus on building skills which can be applied to the workplace in a very practical way but also ensure the learning is good fun. All our work is backed up by sound functional theory which we make easy to grasp and retain.

Our Teambuilding day is a non-threatening way to get to know and bond with your colleagues, whether you are together daily or are in separate departments working for the same organisation. The day will involve a number of enjoyable and thoughtful activities which stimulate and explore team spirit and bonding as well as touching on communication skills. The day aims to allow the participants to experience contributing to team goals whilst still maintaining a sense of self. There is NO role play.


To develop a sense of team rapport, dissolve group barriers and create the foundation for good teamwork.


By the end of the workshop participants should:

  1. Understand the impact of their actions on others.
  2. Experience teams working well together.
  3. Identify and understand where teams sometimes go wrong.


Thursday 30th November - 9.30am

The Pride unit Plymouth

Endodontic Therapy Part 2

Gillian Boswell

We will be looking at the current theories and techniques in the field of endodontics and putting these into practice in the simulated dental learning environment.

Aim: To increase awareness of current endodontic techniques and improve confidence by giving practical experience in a ‘safe’ environment.

Learning outcomes:

FDs will be able to further understand;

  • Assess canals
  • Treatment plan
  • Access cavity design
  • NiTi instrumentation
  • Modern obturation techniques.

Why not bring along radiographs of your own current/planned cases for group discussion along with examples of the ‘hardware’ you use currently in your practice.


Friday 8th December

Jurys Inn Exeter

Treatment planning  - Dr Matt Jarrett 

The day will look how we need to plan treatment and the things we need to consider when looking at more complex situations.

The day will allow you to break down the clinical situation into manageable steps.

Learn how to plan to deal with these and finally integrate this together to develop an overall treatment plan.

Then finally plan how you will deliver the treatment to the patient.

You will also be able to discuss success of dental treatment and ongoing maintenance

Wednesday 13th December  

4-Handed with Ian Holloway and David Lee

Peninsular Exeter Facility 

All Day 

You will get most out of this day if you are able to bring your nurse with you. All practices are aware of this, and hopefully you will be able to bring along the nurse you work with most often.

You will be working in the Exeter Peninsular facility . As well as playing the parts of dentist, nurse and patient for one another we will also be joined by ‘Bob-in-a-box’ so that we can try out clinical procedures with our new-found 4-handed skills!

Ian provides an excellent day that makes you question the way you work 

Please remember to bring your clinical clothing for this study day.

Objectives for the day:


  • Look at your posture
  • Look at your nurse’s posture
  • Consider how you can maximise your access and make life easier when treating patients