Dental Public Health

Training Programme Director: Robert Witton


HEE South West has the following Dental Public Health Specialty training post in National Recruitment Spring 2024.

For Job description details please follow the link below.

Dental Public Health - Southwest



Expectations of Trainees

The trainee should develop:

  • a consultant approach
  • an interest in continuing education
  • an interest in teaching and teaching skills, 
  • a continued interest in research methods and techniques, 
  • a responsible attitude and commitment to the training 
  • experience and knowledge of NHS management 
  • and an interest in professional activity

Project Work

  • You should develop a portfolio of projects that demonstrate fulfilment of the DPH curriculum. 
  • You should aim for a mixture of projects that provide work-based experiential learning experiences. 
  • Before embarking on a project you should discuss with your Educational Supervisor (ES) first and agree to what your involvement will be.


Active participation in research is welcomed. However, there will be considerable time pressures on you during training and large projects are usually impractical.
You may consider:

  • undertaking a small project
  • playing a specific part in a larger scale project
  • preparing papers for publication – case reports, review articles etc


  • You should aim to publish in peer reviewed journals 
  • You may have the opportunity to review papers for other peer reviewed journals


You should attend a course which covers educational theory and practical teaching skills.
You should try to gain experience in teaching to as many groups as possible e.g.:

  • Undergraduates
  • Postgraduates

In as many formats as possible e.g.:

  • One-to one
  • Seminars
  • Larger lectures

Examining experience

If possible you should try to gain examining experience at undergraduate or postgraduate level. The Dental Faculties of the Royal Colleges are often looking for MFDS/MJDS examiners.

Evidencing your progress

You must demonstrate progress using a portfolio. An example of a portfolio log book will be provided to you. Make sure you update this on an on-going basis to reflect your learning and training.