Oral Surgery

Training Programme Director: Alistair Morton


NHSE South West has the following Orthodontics ST1 Specialty training posts in National Recruitment for Spring 2024.







National Recruitment



The trainee should develop:

  • a professional & consultant approach
  • an interest in continuing education
  • an interest in teaching and teaching skills, 
  • a continued interest in research methods and techniques, 
  • a responsible attitude and commitment to the training of hospital staff 
  • experience and knowledge of NHS management 
  • and an interest in professional activity 

Professional Expectations

  • Act with probity
  • All patient data MUST be stored in line with trust and national data storage protocols.
  • Do not keep data on personal mobile devices.


  • In full-time training posts, the trainee should spend at least 6 sessions per week involved in patient contact relevant to the oral surgery curriculum with at least three of those sessions devoted to supervised operating 
  • Your programme will comprise supervised personal treatment sessions, diagnostic sessions, review clinics, formal and informal teaching, research and reading time

Timetable Guidelines

  • 60% direct clinical care
  • 20% Other training activities including indirect clinical care
  • 20% study/audit/research

 Evidencing your progress

  • ISCP will host your online portfolio
  • It is a trainee’s responsibility to maintain a current, accurate and comprehensive portfolio.
  • Workplace based assessments are initiated by the trainee